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Love Is A Basic Need: Orchestral CD Album (Signed)

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Release Date: 29/06/2018

Discs: 1

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10 Orchestral versions of the original Top 5 album. Featuring the tracks ‘Never’, ‘All That Remains’ & ‘Where You Sleeping’ and more. Also includes three bonus tracks including ‘Adrenalin’ (previously unreleased).

Danny McNamara said of the new orchestral album: "This is the first time we've done a full Orchestral album. We've done Orchestral versions of songs in the past and we always get asked about it.  For Love Is A Basic Need we decided to take the plunge. Mickey Dale is a really incredible string arranger and I think this album showcases the songs in a whole new light."

1. The Finish Line (Orchestral Version)
2. Never (Orchestral Version)
3. Wake Up Call (Orchestral Version)
4. Snake Oil (Orchestral Version)
5. Where You Sleeping (Orchestral Version)
6. All That Remains (Orchestral Version)
7. Rabbit Hole (Orchestral Version)
8. Horseshoe In My Glove (Orchestral Version)
9. My Luck Comes In Threes (Orchestral Version)
10. Love Is A Basic Need (Orchestral Version)

Bonus Tracks:

The White Alien
Bash The Rat