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Love Is A Basic Need CD Album


Release Date: 02/03/2018

Discs: 1

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20 years into their recording career Embrace make an epic and emphatic return to the fray, with their seventh studio album LOVE IS A BASIC NEED.

Already being hailed as a return to “classic” Embrace, the album was recorded in the first half of 2017 at the band’s own Magnetic North Studios with Richard McNamara on production duties.

Talking about the album singer Danny McNamara said, “We set out to make an album where every song on it would stand up against the best songs we’ve ever written, and I’m pretty confident we’ve done just that.”

On the genesis of the album title Danny said, “Most people remember to eat, breathe and drink, but too many of us forget about love until it’s too late. Until your whole world implodes or you turn into a monster. The album is about the realisation that without food or water or shelter you die yeah, but the same is also true of love."

1. The Finish Line
2. Never
3. Wake Up Call
4. Snake Oil
5. Where You Sleeping
6. All That Remains
7. Rabbit Hole
8. Horseshoe In My Glove
9. My Luck Comes In Threes
10. Love Is A Basic Need