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Love Is A Basic Need: Orchestral Vinyl (Signed)


Release Date: 29/06/2018

Discs: 1

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10 Orchestral versions of the original Top 5 album. Featuring the tracks ‘Never’, ‘All That Remains’ & ‘Where You Sleeping’ and more. Also includes three bonus tracks including ‘Adrenalin’ (previously unreleased).

Danny McNamara said of the new orchestral album: "This is the first time we've done a full Orchestral album. We've done Orchestral versions of songs in the past and we always get asked about it.  For Love Is A Basic Need we decided to take the plunge. Mickey Dale is a really incredible string arranger and I think this album showcases the songs in a whole new light."

Side A

1. The Finish Line (Orchestral Version)
2. Never (Orchestral Version)
3. Wake Up Call (Orchestral Version)
4. Snake Oil (Orchestral Version)
5. Where You Sleeping (Orchestral Version)

Side B

6. All That Remains (Orchestral Version)
7. Rabbit Hole (Orchestral Version)
8. Horseshoe in my Glove (Orchestral Version)
9. My Luck Comes in Threes (Orchestral Version)
10. Love Is A Basic Need (Orchestral Version)

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